Flowers, Mowing the Lawn and your Garden

birds_of_paradise_5It’s always a difficult decision what flowers to put in your garden. Luckily the climate in Perth is so good we have a variety of different flowers to choose from. When choosing the perfect flower for the Perth environment you should pick something that compliments you yard and house. When mowing the lawn in Perth it is good to understand the environment and how that can effect you lawn. You should only mow your lawn to 1/3rd of the height it is currently at. There is a multitude of reason such as;

  • Mowing it too low will encourage the growth of weeds
  • Mowing it too low creates brown patches as it may kill the grass
  • You want the roots of your lawn too grow deep into the ground. If your lawn is cut too low the roots won’t grow as deep

We will be adding some great pics of flowers stay tuned!