Flowers in the garden

birds_of_paradise_5It’s always a difficult decision what flowers to put in your garden. Luckily the climate in Perth is so good we have a variety of different flowers to choose from. When choosing the perfect flower for the Perth environment you should pick something that compliments you yard and house. Bright/bold colours will stand out best in your yard. Choose flowers or plants that are hearty and can survive the harsh elements. A prerequisite for any thriving garden is to install great reticulation to automate the watering of your garden. Remember that not all plants/flowers are created equal and some will like more water than others. Always refer to your watering advice from the local store or check the label for advice. If all else fails use good old google to find out more about your plants. Automatic reticulation is important as if you want to go on holiday or forget to water the plants they won’t suffer. It’s good to have one less chore to do during the day!

Shade and sun ratio is also important to consider as plants will soon die if they get too little or too much of them. Try to find out what suits your plants best and look at the angle the sun rises and sets. A general rule is plants like some sun in the morning, like a morning coffee to get them up and going and some sun in the afternoon. Try to avoid all day sun and don’t water plants or lawn during the heat of the day.

The last thing to think about is the quality of the soil. If you live in Perth the chances are your property foundation is made up of sand. There is very little nutrients in sand and you plants will need proper nutrition to stay healthy. Choosing the right soil and mulch is vital to maintaining a flourishing bright and beautiful garden. The climate in Baldivis and Rockingham is a bit cooler than north of the river in Perth. Lawn mowing Baldivis and Rockingham companies can help with the best advice on how much soil you will need for your lawn.

The final thing which a lot of people over look is make sure you have breathing room for your plants. If you pile up mulch by the base of the plant it can suffocate the plant and can cause it to die. Try to form a circle around the base with soil only so there is plently of room for the plant to breathe.

To recap, the most important things you can do for your garden is to make sure you

  • Pick the right plants to compliment you surroundings
  • Automate reticulation
  • Choose the right soil/mulch
  • Make sure they get the right amount of sun/shade
  • Don’t suffocate your plants